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I’m Gina, a mother of two collies, one tabby cat (who thinks he’s a collie), and a 2 year old human. Like you, I want the best for my family, which is why as a canine nutritionist and animal behaviourist (canine specialist) I have put together this resource to guide you to make better choices for your pets!

My latest expert articles & advice:

11 Benefits of Fish Oil for Dogs

Fish oil for dogs? When I think of fish oil, I think of those big yellowish capsules. Not very inviting at all. Although, the benefits outweigh my fear of the capsules. For us humans, fish oil is beneficial in many ways, such as heart, brain and joint health. Did you know that this also applies…

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Can dogs eat salmon?

A frequently asked question is can dogs eat salmon? Yes, dogs can eat salmon, but you need to know a few things first before feeding your dog. Salmon is a great meal for dogs as most dogs love fish. It’s a welcomed staple in a dogs diet. When dogs eat salmon as part of a…

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Coconut oil for dogs

Have you have noticed the new trend of coconut oil, stating the amazing benefits for humans? From hair to skin, but what about coconut oil for dogs? Dr Colleen Smith from the Holistic Animal Institute says “there are many benefits of coconut oil for dogs.” Coconut oil for dogs can help heal itchy skin in…

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Great Dane: Health Facts

If you own a Great Dane or are considering buying or adopting one, you should be aware of the common health problems. It’s the best way to ensure they lead a long and healthy life. The size and appetites of Great Danes means they are more prone to suffering diet-related illnesses, especially when budget conscious…

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