6 common signs your dog is in pain

6 common signs your dog is in pain

The common signs your dog is in pain can be easier to notice once you know what you are looking for. It’s never easy seeing your furbaby in pain.

Since Maisy having her surgery on her leg, I’ve learnt the signs when Maisy is in pain, stress or discomfort. We have been through each one of these signs together, and I hope she never has to again.

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It’s easy for humans to complain or babies to scream. But what about our furbaby’s? What are they trying to tell us?

Unfortunately, they can’t speak to us, that would be amazing. But there are a few common signs your dog is in pain that tell you something isn’t right.

Apart from a change in their personality which only you as the owner would pick up on, here are some common signs your dog is in pain.

Just to state the obvious here, if you can clearly see your dog is in pain or distress seek medical attention immediately.

Excessive grooming

Has your dog ever been bitten by a bull ant? Do you notice that they lick and lick that specific area? Yup, it means that it hurt. Excessive grooming often happens to help soothe that particular spot. It’s natural instinct to ‘clean’ the wound or area.

If you put your hand over the area that your dog is excessively grooming they will start licking your hand.

For example; When Maisy gets bitten on her paw by an ant, she will immediately start licking her paw. I will put her paw into some ice water to help take the sting away. Maisy will lick my hand constantly until the sting has gone.

Maisy knows what to do know, I will get the ice water ready and she will put her paw in the water and stand there until the sting/pain has gone away.

Personality changes

A dog’s personality can change when they are in pain, from avoidance to aggression.

Our dog’s will sometimes avoid contact as they think you will hurt them further or try to move them which will cause pain. Aggression can happen if they don’t have anywhere to hide or if the injury is visible.

Excessive panting

Panting often happens on a hot day or after they have been running around. It’s their way of regulating body temperature.

Excessive panting is often associated with stress. Ever notice your dog panting when sitting at the vet? It’s their way of trying to alleviate the stress.


Can’t seem to relax?

Always moving around from one spot to another?

Restlessness can be a sign of pain, whether it be an internal or external injury.


The of the most common signs your dog is in pain is inappetence, not eating or drinking.

Having a lack of appetite can mean many things, upset stomach from eating something they shouldn’t to other internal injuries.

Eating grass

Also, a common sign your dog is in pain is when they start eating grass. This often happens when they need to vomit. Having an upset stomach or digestive issues, dogs have a natural instinct to eat grass as the grass will help them vomit and or poop.

It’s never easy seeing our furbaby’s in pain. If you are worried at all, it’s always a good idea to get them checked out by your vet.

Better to be safe than sorry.

Over to you: Are there any other signs you would like to add to help out fellow readers? Please add them below in the comments below.


Gina and Maisy

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