Afghan Hound Breed Profile

Afghan Hound Breed Profile

Are you thinking of getting an Afghan Hound puppy? If so our Afghan Hound breed profile is the perfect starting point to see if this is the right breed for you.

Also known as

Balkh Greyhound; Baluchi Hound; Barukhzy Hound

About the Afghan Hound breed

One of the largest of the Greyhound family and a native of Afghanistan where rock carvings from 2200 B.C. portray the Afghan Hound in exactly the same form as it is now.

In Afghanistan the breed is utilised for hunting purposes by the Shirakees and for guard-work by the authorities. The Afghan Hounds was later introduced into England by Captain John Barff; who’s dog “Zardin” was, in 1907, the first of the breed to be entered into a show. “Zardin” later became the ideal model for the breed. 

Afghan Hound temperament & lifestyle

Afghan Hounds are friendly and sociable in nature which makes them great family pets. Even during the puppy stage they respond well to interaction with children, although care must be taken as they do not respond well to rough play.

The breed is intelligent and independent, but also tend to be very loyal.

Are Afghan Hounds easy to train?

Afghan Hounds are intelligent but stubborn, so ensure you train them with gentle guidance and firm commands. Any abruptness and bossy commands on your part will likely result in a refusal to obey, frustration on your part, and prove very non-productive.

Feeding & dietary requirements

Afghan Hounds have no specific dietary requirements and are rarely prone to allergies or intolerances. Like all dogs, Afghan Hounds need a diet rich in meat protein and other “whole prey” ingredients.

If raw is not for you then at least opt for a more premium diet such as air or freeze dried, BARF, or a high end small breed kibble.

Vital statistics

Height 27-29 in., bitches 24-26 in.

Weight 27 to 30 kilos (60-66 lb). 

Any colour is permissible, but red, cream, fawn or golden are common. 

Coat fine, short along the back, very long on ears, limbs, feet and hindquarters.

Profuse trousers and a silky topknot constitute the dog’s main peculiarities. 

Feet large; tail ringed and carried gaily when in action.

Buying an Afghan Hound puppy

How much do Afghan Hound puppies cost?

If you’re looking to buy an Afghan Hound puppy then thankfully they are one of the most cost-effective breeds to buy. You may find a decent Afghan Hound for as little as $300 in Australia, although prices do vary and expect to pay an average of $1000 to $2000, or $2500 at a push.

Where can I buy an Afghan Hound puppy near me?

The best starting point for finding an Afghan Hound puppy in Australia is to search the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders (AAPDB) Member List. Full members have had their premises audited by a registered veterinarian for compliance against the AAPDB Code of Ethics, which means they meet animal welfare standards.

Individual states have their own organisations in which breeders can become members.

Dog breeder organisations by Australian state:

How can I tell a good breeder?

A good breeder will be listed by one of the above organisations, but there are many ways to tell if they’re responsible or not.

Social media recommendations from other local dog owners can help point you in the right direction, but always take due diligence when buying a puppy.

A good breeder will always be happy to answer questions, allow for multiple viewings, and should not be pushy in any way. When picking up the puppy they should be willing for you to go to their premises, not ask to meet in a park or public place.

Good breeders will be proactive in asking you questions to ensure you will be a responsible dog owner, and will supply you with an information pack. Many will ask you to sign a contract to ensure the puppy is taken care of, or if they find out this is not the case they will have a legal right to reclaim the puppy.

Further information

If you have any further information on the Afghan Hound dog then please comment below and we will add it to the Afghan Hound breed profile. Thank you.

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