Australian Terrier Breed Profile

Are you thinking of getting a Australian Terrier puppy? If so our Australian Terrier breed profile is the perfect starting point to see if this is the right breed for you.

About the Australian Terrier breed

A fairly popular dog in Australia and New Zealand is the Australian Terrier, which is a low-set dog obviously showing its descent from the Yorkshire, Norwich, Cairn and other British Terriers, which together made this comparatively recent breed.

Although the breed has had many devotees in the Antipodes and has been exhibited there since about 1888, it is still not bred as meticulously as it might be.

In fact, many of the British-bred stock are finer in type. Sydney Silky dogs are frequently crossed with Australians, which is not to the advantage of either.

The Australian Terrier breed was introduced to Great Britain shortly over a century ago, and thanks to the pioneering work of the Countess of Stradbroke and Mrs. Bassett, it became a well known breed during that era.

Australian Terrier temperament & lifestyle

Australian Terriers have high energy and need plenty of exercise. But their compact size and low-shedding, low-maintenance coat make them a good choice for active apartment dwellers. If you’re looking for a watchdog, this breed’s loyalty and tendency to alert their humans when something is out of the ordinary may be just what you’re looking for. Meet the breed’s needs and you’ll have a loving and dedicated little best friend for life.

Like a true Aussie, these dogs have gusto and attitude. They’re mischievous, smart, and full of energy. In fact, you might be surprised how much energy they have, and they definitely need exercise, although apartment living is still possible as long as you are able to take them out once or twice a day.

Are Australian Terriers easy to train?

Australian Terriers are very astute having a heightened sense of hearing and smell, and accordingly make a good watchdog. They’re smart and easy to train, but their alertness makes them prone to barking at far off noises which is sometimes a hard trait to train out of them.

Feeding & dietary requirements

Being a small dog means feeding an Australian Terrier a high quality diet is more plausible. Like with any dog it is best to focus on a diet rich in meat and other “whole prey” ingredients, but if raw is not for you then at least opt for a more premium diet such as air or freeze dried, BARF, or a high end small breed kibble.

Vital statistics

Australian Terriers are around 10 inches in height and 4.5kg to 5kg in ideal weight. Their coats can be blue in colour, with rich tan legs and face, or sandy-red.

Australian Terriers have a medium coat, straight and hard. Ears pricked or dropped forward, tail docked short.

Buying an Australian Terrier puppy

How much do Australian Terrier puppies cost?

Australian Terrier puppies are up there with some of the most expensive breeds, so expect to pay a minimum of $3000.

Where can I buy an Australian Terrier puppy near me?

The best starting point for finding an Australian Terrier puppy in Australia is to search the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders (AAPDB) Member List. Full members have had their premises audited by a registered veterinarian for compliance against the AAPDB Code of Ethics, which means they meet animal welfare standards.

Individual states have their own organisations in which breeders can become members.

Dog breeder organisations by Australian state:

How can I tell a good breeder?

A good breeder will be listed by one of the above organisations, but there are many ways to tell if they’re responsible or not.

Social media recommendations from other local dog owners can help point you in the right direction, but always take due diligence when buying a puppy.

A good breeder will always be happy to answer questions, allow for multiple viewings, and should not be pushy in any way. When picking up the puppy they should be willing for you to go to their premises, not ask to meet in a park or public place.

Good breeders will be proactive in asking you questions to ensure you will be a responsible dog owner, and will supply you with an information pack. Many will ask you to sign a contract to ensure the puppy is taken care of, or if they find out this is not the case they will have a legal right to reclaim the puppy.

Further information

If you have any further information on the Australian Terrier dog then please comment below and we will add it to the Australian Terrier breed profile. Thank you.

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