Making food for your dog or cat at home is easier than you think.

In fact, don’t over think it – it’s easy!

Variety is important in your pet’s diet, and the following homemade fresh food recipes for dogs and cats are a great way to add variety and nutrition.

Feel free to combine these with a kibble, wet, or BARF diet, even if it’s once or twice a week.

Your dog or cat will love these recipes -they’re bowl lickin’ good!

Read this first!

All fresh food recipes for dogs and cats use the same basic (and really simple) method. Each recipe will make approximately 1kg of food which may be frozen in portions. If you’re unsure about feeding raw food to your pet then all recipes may be gently cooked.

For all fresh food recipes make sure you do the following:

  • Wash and trim vegetables, fruit and herbs. If using Pumpkin or Sweet Potato, peel first.
  • Place in food processor and pulp to a mush.
  • Add meat and organs, mix with vegetables.
  • Gently cook (if you want to).
  • Feed to your dog (or cat), either as a meal or supplement to what they normally eat!
  • If you use a supplement mix as a substitute for fresh vegetables, you can add the rehydrated supplement just before serving.

Homemade Fresh Food Recipes for Dogs

Homemade Fresh Food Recipes for Cats

Novel recipes for Dogs & Cats

Feeding Supplements At Meal Times

When feeding homemade fresh food recipes for dogs and cats it is vital you offer vital nutrients to make the diet “complete & balanced”. Variety is always good, so feeding fresh food recipes alongside other types of dog or cat food like biscuits, wet food, BARF patties, or raw meaty bones, will offer an excellent way to cover all bases.

Here are some great supplement ideas to your fresh food recipes for dogs and cats:

  • 1 tablespoon of low fat Greek Yoghurt or Kefir.
  • Omega Oil or Coconut Oil
  • If raw meaty bones are not fed, add calcium source such as MCHA freeze dried bone powder (not required if using a supplement mix).
  • Mineral/vitamin supplement (again, not required if using a supplement mix).
  • Taurine for Cats and Kittens (not required if using a supplement mix for cats which contains taurine).

Feeding Raw Meaty Bones

Never underestimate the power of a species-appropriate raw meaty bone. Both dogs and cats are essentially carnivorous animals, and the gnawing and chewing of a raw meaty bone will work wonders in both nutrition and fighting off periodontal disease by keeping their teeth in optimum health.

For more information on feeding raw meaty bones to your cat or dog refer to our raw meaty bones guide.

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Remember what they say – “Happy Dog, Happy Life!”

We hope you’ve enjoyed our homemade fresh food recipes for dogs and cats. Please tell others about these recipes!