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The Power of Flowers – Calendula for Dogs

Its hard to imagine that a simple dried flower can help relieve a range of uncomfortable symptoms in your cat or dog, right? Well Calendula is such a herb, especially for dogs and cats who suffer from hives, inflammation, allergies and itchy skin. Natural, gentle and completely chemical and soap free, it can be given orally, used as a wash, and is also a great item for your natural First Aid Kit and can be used for wound healing and inflammation as well as a salve for cuts, abrasions and burns.

For “Itchy Dogs” on the treadmill of harsh shampoos, ointments and steroids, it is a godsend, relieving rashes, allergic reactions and dermatitis. Not only speeding up healing and offering pain relief, Calendula carries antimicrobial properties that can prevent  infection.

Calendula is versatile enough to use both internally and topically. You can brew Calendula flowers into a tea and add it to food, use it topically as a salve, or as a bath infusion to assist with a variety of common problems.

What are the benefits of calendula for dogs?

Inflammation and Pain: As a tea, Calendula can be used to relieve inflammation of the digestive or urinary tracts in cats and dogs. It will not only reduce inflammation, but help in lymphatic drainage.

Yeast: Calendula has anti-fungal properties and can be used to treat yeast overgrowth. Brew as a tea and add to food, or steep in bath water.

Immune System Support: Brew as a tea and add to food to stimulate the immune system, aid in liver function and calm the nervous system.

Skin Allergies, Rashes and Itching: Infuse bath water and use on its own, for spongeing, or use as a final rinse after shampooing using a natural soap-free wash.

Cuts, abrasions, burns: Use a Calendula tincture to spray on affected areas.

Where to buy calendula for dogs

Calendula comes in many forms for dogs. Here’s a few of them:

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