The problem with dry dog food

It is currently estimated as many as 95% of Australian pet owners feed their dogs and cats some form of commercial canned or dry foods.

In a highly competitive market, clever marketing will sell any pet food, no matter what its nutritional value. Many petfoods are labelled as ‘premium’, ‘super-premium’, even ‘ultra-premium’. Products labelled as such are not required to contain any higher quality ingredients than are any other products. And all kibbles and canned foods, without exception, have been cooked and processed, and also contain starch – this is what creates the consistent biscuit shape. But a great marketing tool none-the-less.

“Grain Free” kibble is currently trending worldwide, and many manufacturers are jumping on that bandwagon. But unfortunately the starches contained in them are just as unnecessary for dogs and cats, and equally as indigestible. Most “natural” and “holistic” diets are based on rice. Others are made using white potato. These are not great ingredients for dogs or cats.

Veterinarian and author Tom Lonsdale, in his first 15 years of working life promoted the feeding of what he now refers to as “McCans” and “McKibble” and believes this was the one common uniting feature of the animals needing his services. Many pet professionals including Vets, Breeders and Trainers feel the same way.

So do we.

Thankfully there are a few pet food brands in Australia which offer your dog better options. Look for human grade, chemical and colour-free dog foods, preferably dried (such as air-dried or freeze-dried) or raw/BARF, and also consider whole prey, carcases, fresh meat, and offal.

Our philosophy is that Fresh, Natural, and Human Grade is best for pets.

We know great dog food isn’t cheap. Producing and distributing high quality, real foods is labour intensive and expensive, and feeding raw or dehydrated meals isn’t as easy and convenient as scooping some dry brown balls into a bowl.

But for the love of Dog, your own Dog, stop feeding them junk pet food, and start your pet on the road to a healthier, happier life!

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