Top dangers to dogs at Christmas

As the countdown til the holidays begins, it’s more important than ever to keep your beloved pups safe from the hidden dangers of the things we love to eat and decorate our homes with over the festive season. Some of these may surprise you!

These are our Top 5 dangers to dogs at Christmas – make note!

  1. Christmas Tree Water:  Don’t we all love the smell of fresh pine in our living room? And what would Christmas be without presents under the tree? But if you use a fresh Christmas Tree, please be aware that the water that collects in the pot could harbour pesticides or chemicals if the tree is not organically grown. Please do not allow your pet to drink this water!
  2. Decorations: Ribbons, tinsel, glass ornaments that can be mistaken for a ball and break in your pooch’s mouth – all these things, if ingested, could lodge in the intestines and cause an obstruction and require surgery! Cheeky pooches that love to chew need to be kept away from Christmas or Fairy lights – these can be a cause of electrical shock. Puppy-proof your tree by surrounding it with a play pen or baby gate.
  3. Rich Foods: The rich, fatty foods that we love to eat on Christmas day, but that your pooch isn’t used to can not only upset their GI tract but are also a leading cause of pancreatitis.
  4. Fruit Cakes: Christmas Puddings and cakes are full of raisins, sultanas and sometimes even macadamia nuts, and are laced with large amounts of alcohol – all of which can make your pooch sick. Chocolate – particularly with plastic or foil wrappers, will prove problematic if its gets into the gut.
  5. Cooked Bones: As we all know these are brittle and splinter easily. Large fragments get stuck and may cause gut irritations or even bowel perforations. Avoid the temptation of giving your pooch a gift of a baked ham bone! Dispose of all cooked meat joints in a sealed bin! Also beware of the meat-soaked string that holds your roast together…something that smells so tempting can lead to a major surgical emergency.

These things are toxic and can cause very unpleasant side effects, making the holidays very unpleasant and expensive for both of you. One minute in the mouth of your pet could mean many hours spent at the vet, and that’s the last thing you or your dog want at Christmas!

Treat your pet with safe, healthy, species-appropriate alternatives instead like grain and sugar free treats, dehydrated or fresh meat, non-toxic and BPA free dog toys, or a big Christmas cuddle!

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