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MEET my Border Collie BATGIRL.
BATGIRL isn’t just RAW fed, she’s RAW MEATY BONES fed. We’re on a journey for better pet health, nutrition, and wellbeing. The info and articles in this blog are about real food for dogs, not what we’ve been led to believe by pet food manufacturers like Mars and Nestle.



About Foodie Pooch

As a kid I thought kibble was the right food for a dog. After all, it’s labelled “dog food”, so it must be right, right?

Some decades later, and some lessons learned, I came to the belief raw was the absolute best.

I was wrong.

Way back in 2016 I was having tea with the director of a large worldwide pet food manufacturer, who said “The best diet for a dog is a raw diet, but the worst diet for a dog is the wrong raw diet”.

That statement stuck with me ever since.

In 2018 I became an avid reader of Australian pet food review website Pet Food Reviews, who at the time had helped instigate a Senate inquiry into the safety of the Australian pet food industry.

The investigation, still underway today, really showed how terrible our standards are, and how Australian pet food manufacturers get away with harming so many dogs without any accountability or comeback. 

If anyone hasn’t read the reviews on Pet Food Reviews, then make sure you do. Eye opening – https://www.petfoodreviews.com.au.

All this background information fell into place as I grew to know Sydney-based periodontal vet Tom Lonsdale who has fought the Australian “Junk Pet Food Industry” for decades. 

Tom has witnessed first-hand the damage commercial dog foods can do, whether “McKibbles” or “McCans”, and also first-hand the damage caused by BARF and raw diets.

Tom is an advocate for abolishing the pet food aisle and replacing it with whole prey, and raw meaty bones. Tom’s books Work Wonders and the more in-depth Raw Meaty Bones are essential reading for all pet owners.

But enough about Tom, you can view his website here, this website is about my journey and my knowledge.

So who am I?

I’m merely a long-standing advocate for better pet health. I’ve spent many years involved with the Australian pet food industry, manufacturers, retailers, and all manner of consumers.

I too have seen first hand the harm caused by many diets.

I don’t have all the answers, but this blog isn’t about answers – it’s about thinking and learning, and feeding our dogs and cats a better diet. 

Photo credit: unsplash

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