Should you give your dog a multi vitamin supplement

Does your dog need a Vitamin Boost?

It won’t be news to most of you that commercial, heavily processed pet food or unbalanced home-made meals may lack the nutrients your pet needs to truly thrive. But did you know that there is a easy way to balance out the nutrition in the diet you’re already serving your dog or cat?

Why should I feed my dog multi vitamins?

Like taking a Multi-Vitamin, a decent supplement for dogs can help improve general wellbeing. No matter what your pet’s current diet, even kibble, one of these supplements is well worth adding to your dog’s diet!

If you can opt for a multi vitamin supplement which uses human-grade or natural ingredients. I’ll recommend a decent one below, but you may find a savvy local pet business who create their own.

Key benefits of a doggy multi vitamin supplements

Here are a few key benefits of giving your dog a multi vitamin supplement alongside his or her regular food:

  • Provides essential nutrients that cooking or processing foods can destroy
  • Promotes healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Naturally enhances energy & vitality
  • Promotes healthy organ and gut function
  • Prevention & management of arthritis and joint pain

There’s a few on the market, but the one I favour the most is Bruce Syme’s Vets All Natural Health Booster available from My Pet Warehouse. It’s Australian made with loads of multivitamins and ingredients to boost health. It’s designed to be fed alongside a diet, and what I do is sprinkle a little on top of my dog’s evening meal.

Here’s a video which covers the range of Vets All Natural products of which there are a many. They make a great meal mix which you mix with fresh meat, and Bruce is also the guy behind Balanced Life.

How much and how often?

Most supplements are designed to be fed daily, but don’t overthink it. A varied diet is always a good idea so adding in a little here and there will always have benefit. If you’re on a budget then just add some to your dog’s meal as and when you can – most supplements tend to have a decent shelf life.

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